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Community and Social Engagement

Bringing Italian language and culture to the world

Former Consul General of Italy to Melbourne, Marco Maria Cerbo, spoke to Segmento about his new role in promoting the Italian language and culture abroad as Head of the Italian Training and Education System in the World.

November 2, 2023
Christopher Fotheringham




PEOPLE & community engagement



Ukraine membership in the European Union

Shortly after the invasion by Russia, Ukraine requested to join the European Union. How do we make sense of this complex situation? What are the likely consequences if Ukraine's request for membership is granted?

January 22, 2023
Bruno Mascitelli

Beijing in the Mediterranean Sea

China is moving from a rural country to a nation competing for its role in the international arena. Aspirations to consolidate economic and political power are fundamental to the Belt and Road Initiative

January 12, 2023
Peter Figelj
Community and Social Engagement

Tony Pagone's Fortunate Life in Law

Listening to his story unfold, however, it would seem the former Federal Court of Australia judge epitomizes a quiet, dedicated approach to contributing to the judicial system and community.

January 2, 2023
Dr. Teresa De Fazio
Business people

Business Opportunities for Italian Companies in Australia

Segmento farewells Trade Commissioner Paola De Faveri, whose 4-year posting at the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) in Sydney comes to an end this November. We talked to her about ITA and the importance of Made in Italy brand.

November 17, 2022
Raffaele Caputo
Holy Shroud Exhibition sacra sindone


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