About Us


Segmento’s mission is to provide independent views and opinions on all things Italian. It leverages on Italian art, culture and modern lifestyle as sources of knowledge, meaning, value and identity, aimed at enhancing inter-cultural cooperation.


The understanding of different cultures and traditions in a globalized and multi-ethnic world is fundamental for the development of a peaceful and civilized society.

The new normal..

In an everchanging environment to remain relevant,  it is important for Segmento to adapt to the ‘new normal’. We have developed an operating model based on partnerships and collaborations with Italian public and private entities as well as youth and professional associations to reach a more culturally and generationally diverse audience.


Back to the future

Segmento is celebrating their third year of circulation in a moment in which the real world seems to be magnetically attracted by the digital environment.

The preparation has been long and accurate.

Segmento is now ready to enter the digital era with a totally new website, its mobile app, a significant presence in diverse social media with an increasing multitude of loyal followers.

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