After the beyond any expectations' success of Nottezero events (Nottezero - Segmento 3rd anniversary and Nottezero Cocktail), we have developed a new project: a series of events of Italian contemporary culture and lifestyle with the aim to divulge those aspects and segments of Italian recent and past accomplishments that have remained unexplored and or overlooked in Australia. 


Notti Italiane 2018

A series of four events; at each event, a different, exclusive Italian restaurant and its chef will design and cook a menu inspired to the entertainment and a somellier will select the perfectly matching wine to enhance the food and your spirit.
The entertainment will vary each time, dedicated respectively to theatre, cinema, art or music.

Our first event

23rd August 2018

La Commedia dei Golosi

brought to you by Maccaroni Osteria Italiana

The first event will take place on Thursday the 23rd of August at The Mandalay Reception in Northcote titled "LA COMMEDIA DEI GOLOSI", featuring La Commedia Dell'Arte and the traditional cuisine of the Veneto region.


The concept of "LA COMMEDIA DEI GOLOSI" will be a five course fine dinner with pairing wines hosted by the talented Italian chef Alessandra D'Angelo from Maccaroni Osteria Italiana in Clifton Hill. With a different premium wine served to enhance each mouthwatering recipe, the diners won't be but delighted.

The guests will be entertained during the event by stage actor Fabio Motta who will perform with masks from La Commedia dell'Arte (Arlecchino, Pantalone, Zanni) and extracts form the works of the Nobel Prize Dario Fo.

Buy tickets here - $170 pp - save 10% purchasing a table for 8/10 people

The actor

Fabio Motta

'L'arte di Arrangiarsi' - 'The Art of Getting by'

An improvised one-man comedy based on the tradition of Commedia dell'arte and the Italian spirit.

What is the Italian spirit? Commedia dell'arte, also know as 'Italian comedy' or 'improvised comedy' has at its heart a possibility...'L'arte di Arrangiarsi' (The art of getting by). This ability of being resourceful, spontaneous, making the most of every situation, regardless of how possible or impossible it may seem - is keenly present in the commedia characters. Perhaps even more importantly, it may be the key to this tradition's popularity for over three centuries and beyond. Commedia dell'arte has created a lasting influence on Shakespeare, Moliere', opera, vaudeville, sit- coms and has given a propitious birth to modern theatre. Fabio Motta will lead us on a journey from some of the stock characters of commedia, it's history and how 'l'arte di arrangiarsi' and it's Italian spirit continues to inspire not only himself but Italian food, cinema, fashion as well as the rest of world.

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The chef and her menu

Alessandra D'Angelo

Ever since moving to Melbourne from the history-rich, culture-filled Palermo, Alessandra D’Angelo has been committed to bringing the flavours of the land of the sun to the world capital of hospitality.

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Ostrica ubriaca

Prosecco di Valdobbiadene stewed oyster, pink pepper berries with a scent of dill on a Prosecco gelée

Sarde in saor

Butterflied sardines in a crunchy batter,

with sweet and sour onion and sultana sauce

Baccala’ mantecato

Mousse of cured cod on a bed of celery salad

served with a bread parchment

Gnocchi di Polenta all’asiago

Artisan handcraft polenta gnocchi

with trevigiano radicchio and velvet asiago cream

Coscia d’anatra al ragu’ di castagne

Roasted duck leg with chestnut ragout

on a layer of biancoperla polenta

Chiacchiere e frittelle con zabajone

Typical Italian carnival sweets

Thinly fried sugared pastry and raisin-studded fried doughnuts served with zabajone cream

Photographic art exhibition

Six Italian artists to present their interpretation of life, culture, landscape with a unique Italian flair.

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Live jazz & dance music

Italian live jazz performed by the eclectic and multi-instrumentalist, composer and orchestra conductor Mirko Guerrini and Ilaria Crociani, the voice of Melbourne-based band Radiosuccessi.

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Sport fashion parade

Fila Australia, the renowned brand of sportswear and accessories favoured by many sporting greats, will showcase some of its most popular garments through a unique fashion parade.

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6 - Fila

Wine degustation

Learn more about Italian organic wines and explore its complexity and character guided by a Mastro Sommelier who will introduce to you the secrets of its production, bouquet and taste.

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1 - Maccaroni Osteria italiana

Arancini, handmade passion

Traditional Italian Arancini full of flavour, texture and consistency. A glorious golden ball of cooked rice that, we believe, requires some ‘art’ to it.

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Arancini Art

Award winning antipasto

Bertocchi's award winning products will be served as antipasto and used as topping on our delicious pizzas. 

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A delightful menu with pairing organic wines

Cantina FASOLI GINO organic and biodynamic wines. Hand pickled and naturally processed like only Italian winemakers can do.

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1 - Maccaroni Osteria italiana

A taste from Sardinia

A joyous dip into the unexplored and tasteful Sardinian cuisine and the finest creations of Chef Stefano Rassu. 

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Pomodoro Sardo

The aperitivo by a fourth generations herbalist

Cappelletti aperitivo is made with a blend of vermouth and alpine herbs great for making a Spritz or Negroni. 

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Pat Panetta from 3AW our Master of Ceremony

With his sense of fun, warm style and creative mind, TV and radio presenter Pat will guide you through an event to remember

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Pat Panetta

Fine Italian flair

Furnitures, lighting and visual aesthetics by Slide Production, one of Australia’s leading event hire companies with strong foundations in creative design and styling.

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5 - Slide Productions
Francesca Ciabattoni
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In order to develop her own photographic project, Francesca Ciabattoni went in search for smaller but more authentic carnivals.

"Italian Confetti - scenes from Carnival"

Umberto Sommaruga
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It has been more than 10 years since when Umberto Sommaruga started his work to document the Italian religious rituals and traditions.

"Rituals and religions"

Jonathan Di Maggio
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Carlton Football Club

Italy is a limitless canvas of exotic beauty, ageless history, boundless tradition and culture. In these photos I have tried to provide a visual input into the vibrancy, life and sheer joy of the world’s most inspiring landscapes - human as well as natural.

"Capturing the essence of the Italian life"

Daniele Curto
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A trip following the footsteps of Nelson Mandela. The result is a fascinating discovery of some of the most important milestones of his life.

"A trip following the footsteps of Nelson Mandela"

Robert Marnika

Robert's collections have been shown in more than 40 international exhibitions, and in the past 15 years he has been running more than 40 intensive digital & analogue photography workshops and courses in Italy, Croatia and Spain and of course in Australia.

Robert's Italy

Anselmo De Filippis

Kosmogonika is called Photo-Panting, and is based on an aphorism of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus "Panta Rhei", in which everything flows, says Heraclitus, "everything moves and nothing stands still ... in constant change".


Gianfranco Serpelloni

The everyday look of landscapes, of simple objects, twisted iron wires, etc. I see them all as film sets. It has become instinctive, and I have to say that with the iPhone always available it’s not difficult for me to get many ideas during the day without having to program organise outings.

"I knocked on your door but you weren’t there"

Fabio Motta

An improvised one-man comedy based on the tradition of Commedia dell'arte and the Italian spirit.

'L'arte di Arrangiarsi' - 'The Art of Getting by'

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