Certified Genuine 100% Italian Music in Melbourne since 2015

Feeling in the mood for Italy?

Keep Calm and Listen to RADIOSUCCESSI!


• is the only truly Italian jazz combo with real Italian musicians, just very recently relocated to Australia.

• is the only band in town who can claim to have as its leader a DTV-saxophonist who has played for years with Giorgio Gaber, Ivano Fossati, Fiorella Mannoia, and Stefano Bollani (just to mention a few...!)

• but most of all is the only ensemble around, that, leaving behind the cheesy copies of Italian songs made famous by American singers like Louis Prima and Dean Martin, is really able to showcase intriguing tunes from the classy, sophisticated and intense Italian repertoire of the 50s and 60s or to make you fall in love with beautiful ballads and romantic songs or even surprise you with unexpected cha-cha and mambo made famous by goddesses of Italian cinema the likes of Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida.

Radiosuccessi Trio, featuring the Florentine singer Ilaria Crociani and Melbournian jazz heavyweight Ryan Griffith on guitar, will showcase a sparkling wide repertoire with Italian songs, written by Italian songwriters, like Martino, Luttazzi, Buscaglione, Tenco and Battisti, or sung by Italian chanteuses like Mina, Jula de Palma and Milva. You will be surprised and amused discovering how American successes or Brazilian sambas became popular in Italy between the 50s and the 70s thanks to their translation into Italian.

Past Events: Piers Festival 2015, Brunswick Music Festival 2015, Carlton Italian Festa 2015, Food And Wine Festival Melbourne 2015, Royal Gala Italian Chamber of Commerce 2016, Vino & Jazz Event at the Italian Cultural Institute 2016, ACMI An Italian Voyage Through Melbourne 2016, Italian Institute of Culture Melbourne 2017, Italian Institute of Culture Sydney 2017,  Birds Basement, Paris Cat, Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, 2016-2017.

Line up:

Mirko Guerrini – saxes, clarinet, ethnic flutes, piano, accordion

Ilaria Crociani – voice

Ryan Griffith – guitars, clarinet