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FACEBOOK 5022 followers

INSTAGRAM 10,400 followers

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TWITTER 1074 followers

MAILCHIMP 7000+ contacts

Our numbers have been consistently increasing since the start at an yearly average of 20%

RATES and info

Payment & publication

Payment must be received 7 days prior the publication

Publication within two weeks from the submission of the material, if payment regularly received.

Artwork specifications

Artwork must be provided as JPG, PNG, GIF no larger than 500 kb

Videos MP4 or link from YouTube - Vimeo

Dimensions in pixels:

LEADERBOARD - 1100 x 300 px

BILLBOARD - 740 x 200 px

BANNER - 320 x 180 px

Graphic design option

Segmento offers a service for the creation of artworks at the following rates:

- static banner $250 (any banner size) - all content (text, images) and brief  provided by the advertiser

- animated graphic $500 (1 size fits all banner sizes)

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