Segmento Melbourne Italian Festa

We are proud to announce that Segmento - Unapologetically Italian is the naming partner for this year's Melbourne Italian Festa.

The Festia is the main calendar event of the Italian Chamber of Commerce, organised in conjunction with the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Multicultural Commission.

Also known as La Dolce Italia or the Lygon Street Festa, this year's event is called Segmento Melbourne Italian Festa and will showcase the magnificence and diversity of Italy's regional cultures in Melbourne.

This annual street festival was first held in Lygon Street Carlton in 1978 when the influence of the Italian community was at its peak. It was organised by the Carlton Traders' Association as an adjunct to the Italian Arts Festival.

Lygon Street will be closed to traffic between Elgin and Queensberry streets for the weekend of the festival to encourage the event's family and community spirit.

The Festa celebrates Italian food and culture with live music, street theatre, food stalls, dancing, craft markets, exhibitions, and lots more. It brings together not just people of Italian descent but every person in Melbourne who is passionate, interested or just curious about Italy's culture and lifestyle. The Festa is for anyone who looks at "“traditions" as sources of knowledge, meaning, and value.