Discovering the food treasures of Melbourne off the beaten tracks

Melbourne has many popular places to enjoy food and shop around but it also holds quite a few pleasant surprises for those who are prepared to venture in less known territory.

Raffaela Ceddia, a young lady of Italian background (her parents come from Sicily and Puglia), has created a unique program offering one of the most exotic and exciting foodie experiences one can have in Melbourne.

It is called Flavourhood Tours and it provides guided walking tours through a variety of eateries, restaurants, bars and shops in Brunswick and Coburg.

"Visiting a new place can be daunting," - Raffaela says - "but if there is a friend who takes you around and shows you the places then it can become a veru rewarding experience. Let's eat together, walk together, talk together, share together. Let us introduce you to the restaurant and café owners, the shopkeepers and the bartenders, the local personalities."

The typical day-tour runs for 4-5 hours along Sydney Road with stops in many places. Participants can taste food of different countries and be introduce to it by the chefs and owners of the places included in the program.

Why Sydney Road? "It's simple" - Raffaela explains. "It is by far one of the most multicultural streets in Melbourne. In a distance of 500 meters you can find some of the best example of Italian, Arabic, Turkish or Lebanese traditional cuisines. Sydney Road is exciting, ethnic and diverse and you don't need a lot of money to eat well or have a good time here. It is rich in history and culture, unpretentious, genuine and alive!"

Raffaela grew up around Coburg and Sydney Road. Her background is probably the reason why she is so passionate about food and enjoys sharing her passion with other people.

She has travelled extensively and lived and worked in different parts of the world. Besides English, she speaks Italian, Portuguese and is brushing up her Spanish. All of this makes her a perfect guide for a food tour around Brunswick and Coburg. She knows this area inside out as well as the cultures of the people who live and work in it.

"Take out your comfy shoes, have a light breakfast and get ready to be amazed by many yummy surprises," she recommends. Her tour takes place every Saturday and can be booked online at