All crazy for Sophia

LA SOPHIA LOREN - There are a number of reasons for my choice of ingredients for the Sophia Loren pizza.

First and foremost, I wanted to choose ingredients that she likes. I did my research and discovered that she loves eggplant parmigiana, so I knew that the flavours from that dish would somehow need to be incorporated.

I also wanted the pizza to be classic and elegant, like the woman who had inspired it, so I limited my ingredients to just a few with a focus on quality and taste over quantity.

The result is the use of eggplant, tomato and stracciatella to create a pizza that I believe will encompass the flavour of one of her favourite dishes, but in the form of one of mine: a pizza.

"The food is not just a satisfaction of the palate or a need to grow and sustain itself, but much more. It is the attention, care and love that it creates, through the conviviality, wellbeing!" Enza Liberati

Enza Liberati from Pescara, Abbruzzo, is the award-winning chef who has created a nine-course meal for the exclusive "La Dolce Italia Charity Gala", with special guest Sofia Loren. Enza has surprised his guests with traditional Italian dishes using the finest ingredients freighted from Italy.

"The menu", the seasoned chef says, "was mainly created with the use of local products. I consider cooking for Sofia Loren and hundreds of guests a huge honour and I have been driven by one ultimate goal: dish up flavours that blend with Sofia's palate and that incorporate the rich and varied culinary tradition of my beloved country".

Enza Liberati, who is also the head of "Sodalizio Lady Chef", a group of about 20 female chefs from the Abruzzo region, has granted us the honour of sharing with Segmento readers some of the delicacies that have been relished during the gala dinner.