Dr. Teresa De Fazio new Chief Editor of Segmento

The Executive Team of "Segmento - Unapologetically Italian" appointed Dr. Teresa De Fazio as the new Chief Editor of the magazine.

On Friday last week, following the departure of former editor, Hayley J. Egan, the executive team at "Segmento - Unapologetically Italian" appointed Dr. Teresa De Fazio as the new Chief Editor.

Dr. De Fazio brings to the role a solid background in academia, government and community engagement. She has worked in tertiary education for over 25 years and served two terms as a Commissioner of the Victorian Multicultural Commission. She is also a Board Director of Multicultural Arts Victoria, Regional Advisory Committee Member of the Victorian Multicultural Commission, and Ambassador of Melbourne Victory Football Club and Asian Football Cup.

"“Segmento plays a strategic role in connecting all things Italian with the world - for  the Italian community and lovers of  the 'Made in Italy' brand. The vision of Segmento is that understanding of different cultures and traditions in a globalized, connected and multicultural world is fundamental to developing a peaceful and civilized society. The Italian community plays a significant role in the local and global community - one that can be explored and showcased through Segmento" said Dr. De Fazio upon her appointment as Chief Editor.

 "“For six years prior to the pandemic, Segmento published a total of 22editions along with two special editions, and its website attracted over 40,000 visits per year," said Dr. Giovanni Butera, Chief Executive and publisher of Segmento. "“The appointment of Dr. Teresa De Fazio is a forward step in pursuing the magazine's mission of leveraging Italian art, culture and modern lifestyle as sources of knowledge, meaning, value and identity. Her appointment will build stronger connections with a wider and more diverse community. "  

 Segmento - Unapologetically Italian is the only Italian arts, culture and lifestyle magazine in Asia-Pacific region to be published in English. The magazine is currently available in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, and will soon be distributed in Malaysia, China and Italy. The magazine is made accessible to anyone who loves, is passionate, or even just curious about all things Italian, regardless of language or geographical location.

For further information on Segmento magazine, please contact Dr. Giovanni Butera on 0410 860 036, or by email at segmento@segmento.com.au