The Abruzzo Club renaissance

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE ABRUZZO CLUB? "The club is not just a committee, the various subcommittees, the volunteers and staff; the Club is all of us! It is for you, for your family, for your children and friends."

Back in the 80s, Ugo Pezzi, one of the past presidents of the Club, could not find a better definition for the club.

More than ever, this place represents a meeting point for a entire generation and the club wants to return to its glorious fame, the one it enjoyed in the past years.

Thanks to an unconditional love for the homeland the club was founded in 1967 with the aim of bringing together friends and acquaintances under the same roof, helping each other and speaking their native language.

In those days, there weren't many public places where you could speak Italian, let alone the Abruzzese dialect.

The idea to create the club came from the desire to help a widow, who had to face the loss of her husband and take care of her children. As a result, people came together to help her and the proceeds from the event were donated to the family.

Funds from the various members and the work of other people had turned a simple idea into a real project, based on cultural and social aggregation. From the beginning, the club had always had a women committee with the task of organizing regional, cultural and social events.

The founders of the club Ugo Pezzi, William Febbo, Dino Di Iorio, Tony Di Iorio, Rocco di Zio, Joe Cardone and Aldo Basile worked hard on the wonderful project. Back in the 80's, the club was one of the greatest Italian Clubs in Melbourne. Famous politicians, singers, consuls, all passed through the Club.

There are now just over 270 members and the founders try to pass the unbridled love for the club on to their chil- dren and grandchildren. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to keep that spark alive, but the present Committee is not giving up, and after years in the shadows, at the dawn of its forty-eighth birthday, the Abruzzo Club is being revamped, putting into play everything.

The staff and the new manager in charge Guglielmo Monteleone are going to bring a breath of fresh air with a new restaurant and thanks to the tenacity and passion of the elders, nothing and nobody can prevent the club to rise more glorious than ever.

The restaurant is now renewed with a pizzeria, a lounge bar and an incredible love for Italian food. No effort is being spared to make the Abruzzo Club the best Italian club in Melbourne. Ideally located on Lygon Street, East Brunswick, just ten minutes away from the city, its staff is eager to serve you and make you feel like you were in Italy. Come and experience the Abruzzo Club Renaissance!