Ladies of leisure

Ladies of leisure

In a society that cherishes beauty and style as the quintessence of life, women can get carried away. With all the glossy magazines, social media and television advertising, it’s hard not to see the latest anti-wrinkle creams, the ‘IT’ bag that a Kardashian is holding, the newest stilettos for this season, jewellery to match, scented candles, perfume…need I go on.

But what is it that gives us women real pleasure? It could be all these things, it could one of them or none at all. Given the sign of the times we work longer hours and juggle our home, work and social life.

So how do women indulge in their pleasures? The first golden rule is to make sure that you take the time for yourself. This is itself is the first step to mastering pleasure. Take the time for that moment. Whether it be sitting in a patisserie eating macaroons and sipping a latte, having a well deserved massage or a manicure or going to a museum for an exhibition. Whatever is of interest to you make it a priority and make the time for yourself. That’s the most important gift you can give yourself. Time.

It is imperative that we enjoy the fun things in life and some would say the finer things in life too. I like both. A woman should always treat herself. Do not wait to the rainy day or ‘If this happens’ or ‘When I do this….’ If you can do it now do it. Don’t put off pleasure.

If you are saving for an expensive bag for your birthday or Christmas then that’s what makes some things worth the wait and appreciative of the moment when you have what you have been wanting for some time.

Shopping. Now that’s a fun sport. An expensive one but hey, we all do it and love it. So a girl see’s the latest pair of strappy stilettos. Already in her mind she is matching what outfit she can wear with it, where she will wear them and how they would look in her wardrobe and how she will feel in them. Yes, I can see the sigh now. Stilettos does something to a woman. For once you are not only you elongated in stature but it’s a feeling of completing the outfit. Having a boost in esteem, as they make you look good enough to forego the pain they may cause you later in the night. All worth it I must say.

It is so important for a woman to indulge in some much needed pleasure once in a while. Keep the balance. You feel better, your vibe changes, you appreciate the moment and your happy endorphins kick in. Have you made time to indulge and enjoy some of your favourite things? After all, you and you alone are responsible for that. Celebrate being a woman by doing things you love. There is no better time to start doing it than now.

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