Living la bella vita

The 5 seconds that can change our life for the better

Do you often feel tired and bored? Frustrated, stuck and dissatisfied with your daily routine? Are you often afraid of making the wrong decision about changing some aspects of your life?

I know this feeling and I can guarantee you that, even though they are not good feelings, there is one fact you need to know about it: whatever you want to change in your life, you will NEVER feel like doing it. It is NEVER the right time.

Therefore, we will keep doing what we always have been doing to then get the results we always have been getting. And this leads to frustration, dissatisfaction and the feeling that our life is an entire or partial mess that we don’t know how to change.

As a matter of fact the idea of changing is not enough. Even the motivation is not going to be helpful on a long-term basis. We need a strategy, support, persistence and accountability.

Even though I have a 22 day on-line course where I help people with the right strategy to stop messing up their life, I will share with you today 3 tips I believe are important for you to know how to start making some changes.


Valentina Bonatti is the author of the self-change book “Powerful Change, 12 steps to re-light your Inner Fire” and part of the knowledge in this article comes from chapter of the book.Contact visit the website | www.valentinabonatti.comto purchase the book

Valentina Bonatti
Valentina Bonatti was born and raised in Piacenza, in the north of Italy. After living in Melbourne for the past 6 years, she has decided to move back to Italy. With her knowledge of Life and Business Coaching she is now helping expats around the globe to live a balanced emotional life so they may truly live their Bella Vita. she is also helping students to re-gain motivation towards studying as well as to find their future direction in life whether through university studies or work. She is the author of the manual “Powerful Change. 12 steps to re-light your inner fire.”
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