Living la bella vita

Happiness, the highest and much sought-after purpose of life!

How can we achieve happiness? By living “la Bella Vita”, the Beautiful Life. You might wonder, “What does that mean?” We all have dreams and desires of being, doing and having something specific in our lives.

Unfortunately we tend to leave those dreams aside or place them in a draw and often we even tend to forget about them. Our society is not structured in a way that allows our creativity, desire and dreams to be a “normal” way of living.Instead, we constantly do what others expect us to do; we become something that we are not meant to be in order to possess things that don’t really matter that much at the end of the day.Now I am asking:  what is that you really want to do? Where? When? With whom? Which person would you really want to be or become? Relaxed, open, happy and joyful every day?What would you really love having? What would truly make you happy despite what advertising and the consumer society is contestably telling us?There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. In fact, we all have different desires and dreams and there is no right or a wrong way of thinking.What we have to do is to re-connect with them and then do something about it so we can start to incorporate them in our reality and live our Bella Vita.

A good way to start is describing your “ideal average day” (The day which, if you were to live it every day, you’d never get bored and you’d never get sick and it wouldn’t hurt anyone or you). The answer can’t be “I’d sit on the beach” or ‘’I’d do nothing all day…” The truth is holidays only sustain us for a short time. We are designed to “experience’” life, not “escaping from life”.

As work occupies a big section of our life, what would you do? Where? With whom? I firmly believe that the 21st century is the time where you can make a living by doing what you love, by sharing your passion, by working flexible hours and by doing all of it from where you want.Is what you want, to work from home? From the beach? From a plane? From a different country every month? Now you can achieve all of it. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a desire to create, build and live your Bella Vita.The most valuable asset we all have is time. Therefore I believe we should use it in the most flexible way that allows us to be free, successful and happy at the same time. That’s why I am so passionate about helping women (but men are welcome as well) to transition from a 9/5 job to become the creators of their future success by opening their freedom-based business.This is my ideal Bella Vita.


Valentina Bonatti is the author of the self-change book “Powerful Change, 12 steps to re-light your Inner Fire” and part of the knowledge in this article comes from chapter of the book.Contact visit the website | www.valentinabonatti.comto purchase the book

Valentina Bonatti
Valentina Bonatti was born and raised in Piacenza, in the north of Italy. After living in Melbourne for the past 6 years, she has decided to move back to Italy. With her knowledge of Life and Business Coaching she is now helping expats around the globe to live a balanced emotional life so they may truly live their Bella Vita. she is also helping students to re-gain motivation towards studying as well as to find their future direction in life whether through university studies or work. She is the author of the manual “Powerful Change. 12 steps to re-light your inner fire.”

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