The Magic of Cinema

Lia Grieco, a young talented actress, is about to become a star in the firmament of Italian cinema and certainly an icon of contemporary Italian beauty. We talk with Lia about her career and beauty in all its nuances.

"“I can do everything, and I can be anyone" 

At only 25 years old, Lia starred in the Netflix television series Luna Park; recently, she acted in Claudia Gerini's film Tapirulàƒ n where she played a girl who had problems with self-acceptance.

Now aged 27, Lia has filmed a television crime series that will be aired on the Italian national network RAI in the next autumn, and by the end of the year we will see her again on the big screen in Paola Randi's film Beata te (Blessed are you).

Lia Grieco (photograph: Johnny Carrano)

How did your acting career begin?

It was a special journey, started when I was a child. At the age of 6, I was an amateur performer and at the age of 9 I joined the opera house, where I was a dancer and consequently graduated from the National Dance Academy.

At 21, I decided to quit my job as a dancer because I was physically and psychologically exhausted, and I wondered what I could do, what the right job was that would appeal professionally and at the same time bring me peace. So, I thought back to the acting that I had started as a child and entered one of the most important film schools in Italy, the Gian Maria Volontà¨, and that's where it all started.

In the Netflix TV series Luna Park, you played Rosa. How was that experience?

It was stunning! I think for an actor to play in a period drama is an absolute privilege, and it is always interesting to build a character in a noncontemporary era. I enjoyed playing a very young woman in such a difficult social context and with so much machismo and sexism.

Lia Grieco as Rosa, Luna Park

What is beauty to you?

For me, beauty is a spark. Something that catches me and surprises me, that comes out of the monotony or flattening of ordinary things. In my daily life, I am an extreme person of great joys and great sorrows, so I try to strive every day to remember how much beauty there is in the ordinary. It is not always easy for me, and it is not immediate!

How do you find the beauty of little things?

As I said, being attracted to big emotions, I often find it difficult to catch beauty in the ordinary. In my daily life, I think beauty is taking care of myself, my home, and garden, and reading lots of books. I am an avid reader of physics books. For me, that world is the highest point of beauty, the beauty of the unknown and mystery related to the meaning of life.

Do you think there is enough beauty in the world?

I think there is a lot of beauty in the world, but often we are not used to seeing it and enhancing it, and that is why it seems less than it actually is. We are stimulated by superficial beauty. We let so many other deeper forms and shades of beauty escape us. We should go beyond that.

Lia Grieco (photograph: Francesca Marino)

Which ordinary beauty have you appreciated during the pandemic?

At that time, I was sharing an apartment with flatmates, and I didn't pay attention to the details that make a house welcoming. I considered it a temporary house. At one point during the lockdown, I decided to spend hours painting all the doors red. From that moment on, I realized that life can never be taken for granted, and that from one day to the next one everything might change, that it's necessary to focus and pay attention to the path rather than the goal itself.

Cinema, theatre, dance, and music. What is the most beautiful art for you? 

I grew up with a brother who was a pianist and a sister who was a dancer. I was inextricably linked to music and dance. Then, I embraced the cinema. I think it's really the art of cinema that can bring together all the other ones. I like singing, dancing, and acting. With cinema, I can do everything, and I can be anyone. I can capture a thousand different lives and represent them in any context.

One of my greatest ambitions is to play a real-life singer or character who is part of the music world. It would be a dream to play the Italian singer Mina.