Once bitten, twice shy

ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY is a witty yet poignant tale of Maxine. A professional 30 something gal that seemed to have her life in order when all of a sudden she finds herself suddenly single and facing the dole queue.

Her best friend Laura on the other hand seemed to have it all and Maxine looked up to her and aspired to be like her friend. With her life crumbling in front of her eyes it has left Maxine baffled. What she thought and what she had assumed she knew about life, men and love came to a complete and utter stop. Her friends support her along the way on her quest to understand life, love and what happens when love doesn't always turn out the way you hoped for.


This is Marisa's debut fiction novel. Like many girls about town she has experienced some great and not so great dates and ‘situationships' with men. Having heard many stories over bottles of red wine and cocktails from friends over men, their relationships and other various encounters, she discovered that women had a lot in common with eachother in this area called Love. We bond over it, talk about it, support one other and have tones of different experiences. Her friends became her meal ticket and she decided to write a tale about something women know lots about. Men, Heartbreak and when will love, if it does, conquer all. Not only can women talk about love they can read about it too.