From 18 to 24 November, the Embassy of Italy will be hosting the fourth edition of the “Week of the Extraordinary Italian Taste”, an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation that involves all the Italian institutions abroad.

The events organised on this occasion are meant to celebrate and promote the fundamental aspects of the Italian cuisine, culture and culinary tradition. In particular, throughout the week, the Embassy of  Italy  in Australia will explore  topics  of  great  current  interest,  such  as:  the  promotion  of  the regional  territories, their  identities, traditions  and  eno-gastronomic  excellencies;  the  relationship between food and environmental sustainability; the state of the art in the technology applied to food security  and  traceability; nutrition education  and  its effects  on  a  healthy  lifestyle;  the  relationship between food and design and the history and evolution of the Italian language in the cuisine. This week will see the collaboration between the Embassy of Italy with major cultural institutions and Italian companies operating in  Australia.  It will offer an overview of the Italian excellence in different fields,  from advanced technology to arts and design and, obviously GIs high-quality food. During the week the embassy will be supported by the Michelin star Chef Matteo Vigotti, who will present his culinary masterpieces and Albergo Etico,  an organisation awarded for its program of inclusion of people with disabilities.

Words and Food: The Art of Eating Well

The opening will take place on Monday 18th, with a lecture by Prof. Cecilia Robustelli, academic at the  University of Modena and Reggio and associate from the Accademia della Crusca. The lecture will be followed by a cooking and degustation dinner. During the cooking demonstration, Professor Gabriella Quadraccia will give an interactive lesson “Serio Ludere” about Italian words in cuisine.

Looking for the Origins

On Tuesday 19th, the Embassy of Italy will organise a seminar on food safety & traceability. The event will focus on the importance of food safety, security and quality, as Professor Lionel Henderson, Dr Anna Maria Fioretti, Dr Rocco Longo and Dr Roberta De Bei will underline during the panel. The event will be enriched also by the participation of  Lt.  Col.Emilio Palmieri, Commander of the Group for the Protection of Public Health, a division of the Carabinieri appointed to  investigate the  

DesignCanberra Festival: Food and Design

The Embassy of Italy, on Thursday  21st, in collaboration with the Design  Canberra  Festival,  will host an event where the speakers and the audience reflect together upon design as a part of intercultural exchange. The concept will combine prestigious diplomatic settings and architecture with informal discussions. Design Canberra celebrates and promotes Canberra as a global city of design. Last year, the festival attracted a record 112,844  people. This year the event will highlight the link between food and design: Chef  Janet  Jeffs, Architect  Paolo  Stracchi and Michelin star Chef  Matteo  Vigotti will participate in a fascinating conversation about this aspect.

Aperitivo Italiano

The “Week of the Extraordinary Italian Taste” will conclude with anAperitivo Italiano, on Friday 22nd. At the Aperitivo Italiano many different  Italian products and  Italian  GIs, matched with iconic Italian drinks and wines, will be offered. This initiative will give the guests an opportunity to meet and network with the community in Canberra and it will be an occasion for the Embassy to wrap-up the results achieved during the week as well as present to a broader audience the themes discussed in the previous events.