Rome is a city packed full of sights, tourist traps and hidden gems. Whilst Paris is often thought of as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Rome runs it very close with such a wide array of things to do as a couple. (Photo - Pexels)

Whether it’s seeing the sights, enjoying the food, or just strolling the streets, there’s a perfect date spot waiting for you in the Italian capital.

We’ve pulled together five of our favourite dates from Rome just for you.

Spend Relaxing Time on the Tiber Island

Tiber Island - Pixabay

A date in Rome might be a nice meal or night out, but you could also impress during the day by visiting any number of the usual tourist traps. One that takes you away from the hustle of the city would be a trip to Tiber Island, which could also involve a dinner date at Sora Lella.

Afterwards, be sure to take in the Basilica of St Bartholomew which is devoted to Christian martyrs of the 20th century, ensuring you’ve seen sights as well as enjoyed great food.

Enjoy an Aperitif Along the Tevere River

Tevere River - Pixabay

The Tevere (Tiber) River has lots of trendy bars alongside it as it winds through Rome, presenting the perfect backdrop for a romantic date. Go at night for the full effect, with the lights of the city reflecting off the water to conjure up some wonderful sights that will truly impress your date.

The Flaminio Bridge is a lover’s paradise and thousands flock there every day to enjoy the views. It’s especially attractive at sunset, so perhaps start your date there and move along the river to truly impress.

Take a Walk in Monti District

Monti District - Pixabay

Sometimes, the best dates don’t need to be in restaurants, theatres or attractions, but simply time spent in each other’s company enjoying a nice walk and talk. Whilst Rome offers lots of wonderful places to do just that, few are finer than the Monti District, packed full of trendy bars and restaurants with a vintage feel.

It’s quintessential Italy, with winding small streets, staircase and shops. The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore provides a stunning backdrop to Rome which you simply must include on your route.

Picnic at Villa Doria Pamphili

Villa Doria Pamphili - Wikipedia

As mentioned above the best dates often take place outdoors, and Rome has plenty of parks to hang out and be romantic. Soak in the picturesque views of Villa Doria Pamphili while eating delicious nibbles on a picnic, which Gala Bingo lists as a date idea that isn’t just cost-efficient, but a perfect opportunity for you to get to know your companion better. They suggest finding a nice, scenic spot outdoors and where better than in one of the largest parks in central Rome?

It dates to the 17th century and surrounds the villa of the aristocratic Pamphili family in the Monteverde area of town. With lots of woodland and grottos to find, you’ll be sure to enjoy a romantic picnic in the bustling city. The more popular Villa Borghese also provides a nice backdrop, should you get as far as a second picnic date.

Enjoy a Spa at AcquaMadre Hammam

Spa at AcquaMadre Hamman - Trip Advisor

At one point, Rome had over 900 public baths for residents to enjoy and to this day, you can still experience them. Modern Rome has far fewer, but they’re a great way to mix old tradition with a romantic setting, to get your date off to a great start.

AcquaMadre hammam is an atmospheric retreat intended to give you a taste of the Ancient Roman luxury, with a cool pool and massage options too. Best of all, it’s just a short walk to the juice bar Pascucci, where you can relax with a drink and reflect on an experience that won’t find its way on to most tourists ‘to-do’ lists.

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