Sardinian Cultural Association (SCA) made a contribution of $6,000 per annum to Marcellin College to enable a 16 year old Convitto Nazionale Student studying English and travel to Melbourne for a period of 6 weeks. During his stay the student will be studying at Marcellin College and be hosted by the family of the student who has been selected to travel to Cagliari.

In turn a student of the same age studying Italian from Marcellin College will travel to Cagliari, also for a period of 6 weeks. During his stay he will be studying at the Convitto Nazionale hosted by the family of the student who had previously been selected to travel to Cagliari.

The Program arranged for these students is based on cultural and language enrichment to enable the students to discover and view at first hand the modern and contemporary aspects of the locations they are visiting, in particular noting their technological advances.

Matthew Broggian arrives in Cagiari

Alessandro Corda departs Cagliari

Alssandro Corda arrives in Melburne

The students will gain an understanding of where and how Cagliari/Melbourne fit in within the Italian Republic and Australian Federation, the workings of the various levels of Government and, whilst emphasising their rich traditional and contemporary culture, an understanding of the challenges these places are facing globally, to this end the Student's stay will include a brief visit to Canberra and Rome respectively.

Upon their return the students will prepare a Report of their experience for their respective Schools, which will be made available to the SCA. In the case of the student from Marcelln College, he will present his report in person, together with his family, to the Members of the SCA, during the SCA's General Assembly held in February.  

Funds utilised towards the implementation in setting up the Program, such as local and Sardinian related travel and other. Particular attention was given towards ensuring that Australian "Working With Children - Child Safety Code of Conduct" standards are fully adhered by both Schools involved and both hosting families.