Baclstage, Gisella Cozzo

For those who grew up hearing the iconic song for Coppa Del Nonno’s commercial,“Joy, I feel good, I feel fine”, Gisella Cozzo’s voice might already be endeared to those childhood memories and fondness for ice cream.

Agata Grimaldi
December 14, 2017
In person, she is petite in stature and exudes a grand openness and graciousness that feels welcoming to be around. It is in her smile, I thought, vibrant and genial, already greeting you as a friend though you are meeting for the first time.– Bringing two worlds together with the art and joy of singing, Nelli Altson. Read the entire article

A great day passed with Gisella Cozzo taking photos in Melbourne for the Segmento Magazine Issue VII’s cover.Thanks to:Gisella Cozzo, singerPaco Matteo Li Calzi, photographerPaolo Massa, Rai’s video makerNathalie Prince, hairdresser and make-up artist