Calabrian songkeeper, Mimmo Cavallaro brings the tarantella calabrese to Australian shores

For the first time in Melbourne, Mimmo Cavallaro brings us his dynamic and passionate modern mix of traditional Calabrian/Italian folk music in this one night only event! The folk music master will perform in Adelaide,Shepparton, Melbourne, Sydney and Wollongong

Mimmo Cavallaro is presently the most dominating interpreter of the Calabrian musical tradition, packing out the piazzas all across Italy and Europe, Canada, Argentina and beyond - taking his vibrant and rich performance abroad to audiences far and wide.

His music is alive and pulsating with rhythm, rich in culture and tradition and very much loved and enjoyed by all who see him perform. His songs feature dialect and the use of traditional instruments, such as the Calabrian lira, and Italian Bigpipes, mixed with old texts and enchanting harmonies - making him one of the most dynamic and influential interpreters and authors of Italian popular music around.

Both young and old flock in the thousands to watch his show, to dance and be taken by the magic of his music.

Official Video of “Calanchi e Criti” from latest album: “Calanchi”

Don’t miss this opportunity to be reconnected with your own history, your own inner rhythm of life, no matter from where you come, no matter what language you speak. You will feel the power of every beat, every verse of this unique music, witness a show unlike any you’ve ever seen, and be changed forever.

Mimmo Cavallaro performs accompanied by his consummately professional band consisting of:

VALENTINA DONATO: Diatonic accordion, dancing, percussion/frame drum/tamburello and vocals.


Saxophone, Zampogna (Medieval Italian Bagpipes) Ceramella, Calabrian Lira, Marranzano; Artonic flute, Vocals.


Electric bass;


Classical guitar, Mondola and Vocals.


Drums, percussion and frame drums/tamburelli.


WHERE: Woodville Town Hall

WHEN: 6th November


WHERE: Italian Club

WHEN: 8th November


WHERE: The Thornbury Theatre

859 High St, Thornbury,

WHEN: 10th November

TIME: 6pm-10pm


Tickets go on sale




WHERE: The Fraternity Club

WHEN: 15th November

TEL. 428 333 33


WHERE: Conca D'oro Navarra Venue

WHEN: 14th/17th November

TEL. 0419 256 962

Please note: This is a predominantly standing event. There are limited seats available. Please come early to secure yourself a seat.

The Thornbury Theatre is wheelchair accessible.

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Daniele Curto

Daniele Curto strongly believes that the Italian community in Australia need a voice which highlights the achievements that influences Italian culture. Born in Italy’s capital 40 years ago, he derives from a humanistic arts education. A Docterate of Literature, with a Major in Cinema and a Diploma in Photography allows him to juxtapose the disciplines of Journalism and Visual Arts in the most natural way. Daniele, has extensive experience as a Journalist, Cameraman, Photographer and Cinema House Director. Nevertheless, it is Roma, with its history of millennial civilisation that has left a mark on every aspect of social life, that consented him to appreciate and to be proud of the precious heritage which has been bestowed upon him.