When in Rome

There is something magical that happens when one lands in this great eternal city. They say all roads lead to Rome and to that I must agree. Whoever said it had a point. Rome, in its essence, is a city that has a lot to offer. It’s the city of love, culture, food, shopping and traces of Renaissance and history. Its people that are lively, proud and warming.

Marisa Ferraro
December 14, 2017

Rome is a place of style and of beauty. It’s the Holy mecca of the Christian world. Not to mention the holy mecca of shopping. Millions from all walks of life come here every year. It’s fulfilling in every sense of the word. There is nothing like a Roman holiday. Even better when it’s with a few girlfriends. Imagine Rome with four women run amok? On this expedition being my 10th time in Rome, it never ceased to disappoint. I still get a shiver and a sensation in the pit of my stomach. My eyes open in wonder and my heart open with love, hope and awe. It’s like a home away from home. Revisiting Rome over time gives me the chance to stop, reflect and appreciate the history more as I take it all in. When I see some of the big ruins like Piazza Venezia or the Colosseum I still pinch myself for the richness and beauty of its history is so captivating.

Day one, of course shopping was the first item on the agenda. Rome has streets filled with lots of boutique and high end fashion stores. Not to mentions retail chain stores. It’s easy to get lost by foots and see where the roads take you. Via Del Corso, Via Condotti. The list goes on. Our meeting point to start and end the day was Dior in Piazza Di Spagna. It became known as ‘our corner’. Italian designers and quality of materials used for producing clothes, bags and shoes is some of the world’s finest. Italy is known for its style and high quality workmanship. There is a sophistication to their craft. Hence why shopping in Rome is a must do for all and why it was our day one thing to do. Boy did it feel good. When walking the cobble streets, living and breathing and being a Roman, you can’t help but feel that kind of Dolce Vita feeling. That life is sweet and on holidays anything is possible. You feel lucky, grateful and good about being there. Seeing the world differently. To revisit after many years you think, feel and see it through different eyes. Mainly because you as a person are different.

The shopping aspect of this is also ever changing. La Moda, as they call fashion, is always evolving and changing. Rome is at the forefront of fashion and every July hold their fashion shows in the Piazza Di Spagna. New designers and established ones move with the times and are constantly creating new and different collections. Style is evolving.

The hours can pass so quickly as you immerse yourself in and out of those shops. Of course a few coffee pit stops along the way is a must. That’s the thing about Rome and doing as the Romans do.

They take the time to stop, sit and take it all in. People watch and enjoy the moment. Something we don’t do or appreciate back home. No need to hurry. Life already passes us by. Sitting at a café to unwind for a moment is sometimes just what we all need. So very now and then. Let’s do as the Romans do.