Our new year's resolution

Go to the beach. Don’t have desires. Don’t desire to not have desires… Read a book in one go and get to the end panting like a sprinter, sweating like a marathon runner with the happy tears of someone who has just realised that they don’t have a care in the world.

Permanently welcome the concept of Buddhist ‘impermanence’. Use time wisely (for example, avoid writing useless editorials).

Soren Kierkegaard once said that the true artist is not one who travels the world in search of a face worth painting, but one who is able to convey the beauty of an ordinary person. Make that statement your own.

Make empty promises. Avoid those who ask about your resolutions. Do not get caught up in a manic quest to become a better individual. Take that food intolerance test. Do not abhor worldliness. Be nostalgic. Invest in your past. Be wary of those who make projections about the future. Get out of that Whatsapp group.

Go running, without a phone, headphones or watch, just run. Be punctual. Practice a new sport, any sport (except golf!).

Never, in any circumstance, say on the phone, “Mi richiami indietro?”.

Let yourself be missed. Rest (O Lord, give us our daily nap). Take life lessons from cats. When asked, “Are you busy?” Answer with a certain, brash- “No, I am not busy at all!”

Hold off who asks for advice, a favor, a loan, a recommendation, and those who never seem to have enough, who are never satisfied and who never stop.

Avoid unnecessary foreignisms. Go back home. Everyone, wherever or whenever we find ourselves, we all have a port to land in. Write poetry. Smoke a cigar in good company. Listen to Coleman Hawkins in good company. Toast to forgotten and neglected dreams. Let your legs shake. Visit at least one of the seven wonders of the world.

Talk to the elderly, with their eyes full and sparkling. Be less critical. Be more critical. Walk in the bush. Cry at the cinema. Look for the dawn inside the dusk. Abdicate the miserable throne of banality and lies we’ve fallen for.

You and I, appearing in the night with an empty glass and a train to take, hand in hand, we marvel at the world and we caress this music in the background. Close your eyes. Listen.

These are the Editor of Segmento’s New Year’s Resolutions. What are yours?