La Decadente, inspired by Italian Elegance

Women’s lingerie fashion is evolving, and is challenging the concept of “lingerie” itself. Segmento has met Adela Zemanova to discuss what drives her creativity and inspired "La Decadente", her new lingerie collection.

Taking a closer look at today’s lingerie, we can see colorful thongs, leather garters, peignoirs, latex sports bras and the French maid outfit.  Yes, today, lingerie is available in any style or fabric one can imagine. Women’s lingerie fashion is evolving though, and is challenging the concept of “lingerie” itself.


Adela Zemanova photographed by Dionysios


Who is Adéla Zemanova and what is her idea of fashion?

My mission is to guide women to connect with their true self. I want to inspire them to feel feminine through customised and unique lingerie creations. Fashion is a mean to explore and express our individuality. We actually create our own fashion. And fashion, just like individuals, is changing constantly, so the evolution of everyone should be reflected in the development of fashion. 


What inspired you in creating you new collection, La Decadente? 

When I was living in Europe I was surrounded by beautiful lingerie, and I had the opportunity to appreciate the art of making haute-couture underwear. In particular I felt very inspired by the Italian brand La Perla, by its elegance, luxury, glamour and sensuality. Back then I used to style rock bands and complement their look with eccentric leather accessories, provocative and sexy, and I still enjoy to provide artists with outfits to complement their performance on stage.  In Australia, I studied fashion. I did an internship in bridal fashion (something completely different), and I found myself dealing with lace and other very feminine and delicate fabrics. My collection merges these extremes. Even the most delicate pieces become provocative outfits that you want to show, to wear outside the bedroom.

How do you see La Décadente woman?

She is seductive and alluring. I love women’s bodies, in every shape and form, and for me the key foundation of my brand is to make any woman to feel sensual, elegant and classy, but also playful, just like the Italian actress Virna Lisi in the dance scene of the movie “How to Murder your Wife”.  


Photography by Vlad Savin

If you had to dress a celebrity, your muse, with your creations, who she would be?

My muse is Monica Bellucci, definitely. She is beautiful, sensual and mysterious. I also like Eva Green, I believe she would look and feel fabulous wearing my creations.


Photography by Vlad Savin

What is your favorite model in La Decandente collection?

My floral dressing gowns. I love the fact that you can wear them in different ways, you can style them as evening wear, or as resort wear (for example at a beach bar over a bikini), or as lingerie. Floral honeymoon dresses are among my favorites, too. I love their versatility, their little train and the fact that they are perfect for special occasions. They are somehow mysterious, since there are so many ways to wear and style them, indoors or outdoors.


Flore Lounge Kimono, photographed by Alessio Petti

Any plans for the future?

I'm focusing on creating custom-made pieces and bringing ethical/sustainable practices into my collections. I'm also launching a deck of sensuality cards, which are designed for each day of the month, and contain words to engender feelings that bring out inner femininity. 

 Apart from design, my other passion is to guide women to connect with their sensuality on a deeper level by offering coaching sessions and courses. Combining the inner work with wearing luxury lingerie creates the ultimate transformation and builds a new sensual identity for each woman.

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