Ardor Food Co: raising the quality standards of gluten-free products in Australia

Until a few years ago, those who were constricted to a gluten-free diet because of their coeliac disease had very little choice. For a long time, bread, pizza and pasta were just distant memories. In the best case, coeliac people had to settle for gluten-free products that were really far from the organoleptic and mechanical characteristics of their gluten counterparts.

In Victoria, Vince Lotito, founder of Ardor Food Co., has been doing an exemplary job raising the quality standards of gluten-free offerings in Australia. It took him more than 8 years of experimentation to develop some top notch products that are currently among the best in the Australian market. His company, based in Thomastown, produces flour, pasta, gnocchi and pizza dough, all strictly gluten-free. Vince now supplies Melbourne’s best restaurants and pizzerias, thanks to his remarkable technical knowledge and an artisanal approach.

His gnocchi are handmade one by one, just like Nonna used to, and his pizza dough rests at a controlled temperature for at least 24 hours before being delivered. This period, together with a very small dose of yeast makes its product light and digestible, unlike other industrially produced pizza bases. As we say in Italy, good things need time. It is not surprising that Vince’s pastas are subjected to an air-drying process that takes 14 days. Yet, as he told Segmento, restaurant owners still do not understand the importance of providing their customers with an excellent gluten free product. “Often I found myself talking with people who run a business, yet are totally disinterested in what their restaurant is able to offer to people with coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity. In their opinion, all products are the same”, Vince says. There is nothing worse for a coeliac than sitting down to eat with their friends and seeing how much difference there is between a normal pizza and their own gluten-free little pie looking like a supermarket product.  Although gluten-free products are designed for specific customers, do not forget that they can bring traditional customers. So when it comes to choosing your supplier of gluten-free products, don’t compromise on quality, because a happy coeliac customer will spread the word!