Women on the Verge

A show by The Bridge (Teatro Latino) Theatre Company

When: April 27, 2017-04-07
Where: Italian Institute of Culture, 233 Domain Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141

A political play directed by Jaime Wilson-Ramirez starring Maria Paula Afanador, Camilla Palacios, Samantha Urquijo-Garcia and Serena Del Prete.

“Women on the Verge” is based on four monologues from the “Venticinque monologhi per una donna” written by Dario Fo and Franca Rame, between the 70s – 80s. Like the book yesterday, “Women on the Verge” is today an act of protest. Humour and personal claim are used against injustice and violence against women. Four women, four different stories are just an example of how women around the world are abused in different ways.

Four dancers from a mean-spirited cabaret become the archetypes of the objectification of women. These four dancers sing to announce each of the monologues and tell us the stories of a woman locked up by her husband, a sex worker who has set a building on fire in an act of revenge, the story of a rape and a day in a factory worker’s life who’s on the verge of a crisis. These are the characters incarnated in this play.

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