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Begonia, a flared cocktail dress with a wrap top and a stand-up collar, ideal for elegant afternoon occassions. Photo taken by Marco Girolami in Villa Borghese in Rome. The two previous chapters were published in Segmento March-May & June-August editions. Ciriana is an attractive and highly educated woman in her late thirties who works as a managing … Continue reading THE GRANNY’S PEARLS – Chapter 3


How to keep traditions and stay relevant

HANDS ON FIRE   One of the beauties of Italian culture, is it is so deeply steeped in history. Thousands of years of tradition have made Italy what it is today, and it is this history and tradition that serves as the backbone for the food that I make today. Using techniques that have stood … Continue reading How to keep traditions and stay relevant


The noxious facts about trans fats

Artificial trans fats, or partially hydrogenated oils, are vegetable oils converted into solid fats at room temperature through a chemical process called hydrogenation, which consists of adding hydrogen. Hydrogenation was introduced over a century ago for several reasons: it was an inexpensive substitute for butter and lard, and it helped to preserve and make food … Continue reading The noxious facts about trans fats


It’s all about sharing

HANDS ON FIRE Food is deeply embedded in the history and culture of Italian people. Nutrition is the ultimate way to get people together, make them comfortable and get them experiencing food how it is intended – shared with others. An undeniable trend, it is wonderful to see the rise in shared eating across the … Continue reading It’s all about sharing


He couldn’t weather the Australian weather

It is raining and cloud cover is low the afternoon I arrive at the home of Rocco Antonio Aieta and his wife Francesca in the picturesque Basilicata village of Montemurro. Overlooking the sprawling valley below, Montemurro is one of many similar centuries-old villages along with Spinoso, Viggiano, Marsicovetere and others that dot the region. I … Continue reading He couldn’t weather the Australian weather


“General Skilled Migration Program” an extensive overview – part two

The General Skilled Migration Program (GSM) as a pathway to Permanent Residency (PR) can be very daunting at the best of times. The complexity which includes understanding Skill Select, Expression of Interest, Points Test and English language requirements require a proper analysis to not encounter in potential pitfalls which can be detrimental to your dream … Continue reading “General Skilled Migration Program” an extensive overview – part two

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