Author: Johnny Di Francesco


How to keep traditions and stay relevant

HANDS ON FIRE   One of the beauties of Italian culture, is it is so deeply steeped in history. Thousands of years of tradition have made Italy what it is today, and it is this history and tradition that serves as the backbone for the food that I make today. Using techniques that have stood … Continue reading How to keep traditions and stay relevant


It’s all about sharing

HANDS ON FIRE Food is deeply embedded in the history and culture of Italian people. Nutrition is the ultimate way to get people together, make them comfortable and get them experiencing food how it is intended – shared with others. An undeniable trend, it is wonderful to see the rise in shared eating across the … Continue reading It’s all about sharing


The rise of fresh produce In the Australian kitchen

HANDS ON FIRE “Fresh produce” has become a buzzword in the last few years, but for a chef, fresh produce is not a trend–it’s our lifeblood. The plated food you serve your customers is only as good as the quality of the produce used in a kitchen. At Gradi Group, one of the most exciting … Continue reading The rise of fresh produce In the Australian kitchen


Hands On Fire | From You

Your questions to Johnny! Read the related article.  1. Hi Johnny!  I’m fairly new to the industry, I’m enjoying it but it has its challenges – How do you pick yourself up after each mistake?  Ian, Essendon My father always told me ‘there is no success without failure.’ Stop seeing it as a mistake, it’s … Continue reading Hands On Fire | From You


A multi-ethnic army in the work force of Australia

Australia is a multi-cultural melting pot, and our ethnic diversity is one of the things I love most about living here. We are a nation of migrants, and as the child of immigrants, I am aware of just how lucky we are in this country. It’s a gift I wouldn’t deny anyone else either – but as an … Continue reading A multi-ethnic army in the work force of Australia


All crazy for Johnny

Calzone stuffed with friarielli and sausage.

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